Frequently Asked Questions

Why Run?

We love running for many reasons including:

-  A great way to get fit and stay healthy

- Helps increase bone density

- The quickest way to burn calories

- Great to be out in the fresh air

- Time efficient and inexpensive

- Helps improve self confidence and all round well being


Why have I got aches and pains in my ankles/knees/hips etc?

Either a more supportive pair of trainers is required, the cushioning in your current trainers has become compressed or your training program needs to be reassessed.


How long will my trainers last?

There are many factors to consider including mileage, weight, running surface and quality of trainer.  With average use trainers should be changed every 12 to 15 months.  If you can 'feel' the ground or are starting to have a few aches and pains it's probably time to renew your shoes.


I use orthotics, what is the best shoe for me?

An Orthotic is tailor made to correct your gait.  A good neutral shoe with a removable insole is usually required although not always.  Come in and have a chat!